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Surviving lowland distilleries maintain the tradition of light, estery, grassy flavour notes.

Caledonian 'The Cally' 40 Year Old
Caledonian 'The Cally' 40 Year Old

Caledonian 'The Cally' 40 Year Old

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Part of the 2015 Special Releases. Aromas of toffee popcorn, grilled pineapple and honeycomb. Toasty and oaky, but not heavy. It was nicknamed 'The Cally' by the those who worked at the distillery when it was open all those years ago. Coconut, candy lipstick then into concentrated Werther's Originals and richer, spicier treacle nose. It has bitter caramel now, warming wood spices, dates and cinnamon palate and creamy vanilla takes centre stage for a moment finish. Overall an excellent old grain from an all but forgotten distillery.

Region Lowland.
Nose Freshly varnished wood, model glue and polish – classic old grain whisky character. Behind those lighter notes sits a mature dram: salted caramel and vanilla toffee spiced up with freshly cracked black pepper.
Palate Rich and thick toffee, more sea salt, and baked apples studded with raisins. As it develops in the glass, concentrated fruity flavours start to come to the front – orange squash (with real fruit) and unsweetened blackcurrant juice.
Finish Lots of spice – liquorice root and cinnamon – fading through nutmeg to a gently tannic and pleasantly sour end.